All Bamb Intro Lyrics – Amrit Maan

All Bamb Intro Lyrics by Amrit Maan is the latest Punjabi song with music given by Desi Crew. All bamb (intro) song lyrics are written by Ikwinder Singh and the music video is directed by Sukh Sanghera.

All Bamb Intro Lyrics
All Bamb Intro Lyrics

Song Credits

  • Song: All Bamb Intro
  • Singer: All Bamb
  • Lyricist: Ikwinder Singh
  • Music: Desi Crew
  • Label: Speed Records

All Bamb Intro Lyrics

Jammeya paleya malwe de tibbeyan chon
Canada America tak maara ne
Kenchi cycle sikhda
Diggeya kayi vaari
Aaj thalle 2 seater caran ne

Thalle ton dissda farm house
Te khadiyan vich Bugatti ‘an
Kurte pajame aala shokeen muddon
Jean paunda ni goddeyan pattiyan

Daban duban aala taan kamm hi ae ni
Anakh bhari aa kutt kutt ke
Italy da Beretta rakhda ae dabb chon
Te Rolex baanda gutt te

Tikaneyan te vajjde aa tikaneyan te
Teer chhade saddi kamaan de
Mono walak de patte wangu
Khadak de aa lanealeya waleya
Geet gonne aane wale maan de
Geet gonne aane wale maan de


Bamb Jatt
Bamb Jatt
Bamb Jatt

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All Bamb (Intro)| Amrit Maan | Ikwinder Singh | Dr Zeus | Desi Crew| Sukh Sanghera|Latest Teaser2020
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