Dax – WHOOPTY Remix Lyrics

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Whoopty Remix Lyrics

WHOOPTY Remix Lyrics

I’m getting tired of rapping this shit is too easy, I probably should go and relax
I go in hard when I come, I got government bars if you hit me I’m gon have to tax
This shit is fun though
I’m bout to let go
These niggas babies
And I’m feeling prego
See the beat you know I’m bout’ to feast
Stock my prey and calculate its’ feet
Pounce and chase and grab it with my teeth
Rip it limb from limb, unleash and then repeat
I am not the 3 I come B 4 the 2 I am the 1, you must outdo you lying if u think you’ll win, a cheater tried and I still caught up to all his moves
Lyrically indigenous
Igbokwenu my tribe you can’t get into it
Naija Boi my vibe I spit different
Start it, I finish it, niggas been known im k-k-k killing it
Flipping it, ripping its ligaments there is no equivalent, match my drive your drunk and too belligerent
I am magnificent, I am omnipotent
If they say GOAT then Dax must be the synonym
I will obey
There’s no telling how far I’ll go
I got the Will to win I Smith words
The real ones they feel my flow
I need a bad gyal to gimme hancock
I am a Legend, I hope you know
I’m in Pursuit of Happiness
But this money don’t feed my soul
I’m in my element like the periodic table
I’m a compound of flows, the mix ain’t stable
I got 2 H and O
My drip’s hydro oxygenic and unbeatable
And if show what I’m capable of doing niggas gonna combust
So I keep my best bars tucked and just warmup
And wait til’ I gotta erupt
I’m in a league of my own there’s no justice
An MC…I hammer they can’t touch this, lack substance
If ever get a chance to instrument, I trump it
And blow beats back I’m violent
Like Ireland I’m doublin’ speeds
Consistently without mumbling
My hemoglobin’s so high that explains the iron that I be pumping
I’m off the rictor sister
So consistent with the
Flows that I control they cruise like Victor
I got super bowls I’m cereal
Cut throats these people think I’m Killa
Beats and eat the bodies it’s a homicide yo local call me
I’m a mix of bron and MJ
And Muhammad Ali’s flows I throw could punch and break ya body
A different species
Rap game won’t admit it but it needs me
No chains, no cars, no hoes, just bars, and flows
And I make it look easy
Deep songs with thought-provoking theories
Netflix needs to gimme a series
I jumped through hulu-hoops to get here bitch boi
I ain’t never been needy
They push me out
I punch it in
This off the top cuz off the end
Question my reign and dominance
That spreads through all 7 continents
And if it wasn’t for these dumb ass politics
From incompetent optimists who engage non-consciousness, I’d be stacked
With accomplishments that complement my skill and my confidence
I can’t stop now
I am the answer lyrical excellence radiates the cancer
If I ever need a hoe ima call up Santa
Fuck the slander I’m the chief and I command ya
All to raise your fucking standards
All these flows I shit, I need some Huggie Pampers
And these hits I Homer and release (reLisa) will apu on you leave ya stuck like Ned Flanders
God damn I’m juiced like Jamba
Can’t keep me at bay like Tampa
‘Bout to fuck the whole game with my big banana and send you to Casa Blancas by mañana, keep talking shit
Fuck ya grammar not your grandma, your grammar
It’s DAX…

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WHOOPTY Remix Song Detail

Song: WHOOPTY Remix Lyrics
Lyricist: Dax
Singer: Dax
Released On: April 13, 2021 


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