Lil Yachty – No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics

Lil Yachty – No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics: It was mostly shot in Lil Yachty’s sneaker closet at his house in Atlanta. Read the full song lyrics below…

Lil Yachty – No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics

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No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics

Part I- No More Parties


I can tell, yeah
Mmm, it’s us


I can tell niggas jelly by the way they look
Pray to God my Glock don’t jam, Lord knows I don’t hook
Pull up and I made ya look
Pockets full of Oregon ducks
Click on smart shooters, stick on him while readin’ books
Free my niggas out the cell, he is not a crook
He just got some crooked ways but I think they shook
Why they wanna hate me? Prolly ’cause I made ten million as a baby

No new friends, no
Same words that I been with
2020 been shit, huh, I’ll advance it
We don’t do no mm- public transit
When I throw the tangent, mm
Pussy niggas sayin’ shit, same shit that got yo’ mans hit
I can’t stand it, really with some rich bandits
Put like fifty thousand inside some toast and made a sandwich
Call my phone like a sex ho, if it’s ’bout the cream just like Maxo
Caught lookin’ like that and get yo’ back broke

Fine as a motherfucker was
Skip the games, baby, can I fuck?
I walk around with these racks on me (Yeah)
Stick and my Ricks, we gon’ tax homie, yeah
I just want some mouth, don’t try to latch on me
I don’t wear Amiri’s, Carhartt slacks on me
Why these niggas still poor?
It’s 2021, we can all score, for real

Part II- Beat Box


It’s us
Damn E, this shit exclusive


Thuggin’ in my Reeboks
Ten milli’, big Glocks, huh
In a big truck, fuck around, make your ears pop
Fuck with me, gang’ll do some’ to you, make your tears drop
Hit ’em off, [?] only boy, I don’t Sears shop
Fuck around, might move to Michigan and get my peers hot
Trustworthy, uh, I think not, we’ll wipe snot
Three lines, gon’ make it look like wine in a clear pot

Ride around with the same weapon, ain’t get deer shot
No rearviews in my life, leave that shit behind me
I was only eighteen years old when Kanye tried to sign me
Niggas gangsters online ’til you see ’em named Mahatma Gandhi
Better tell my bitch, “Let’s get a bitch that’s tatted like Kehlani”
If she tell me yes, I’ll let you know the when and where’s to find me

Niggas already thinkin’ that they wildin’, steady tryna guide me
Finna blind me, standin’ in my way, they need to get behind me
Every day I ride with a rocket just like my first name Johnny
White diamonds got more colors than a Murakami
Bitch thought I was Japanese, I folded just like origami

Used to sleep in front of [?], now I got an eighty-inch Sony
Rich as hell, used to be broke, fucked up, eatin’ bologna
Niggas not like us, we get to the money
How the fuck we wipe his nose and we still left it runnin’?
How you fly with nothin’ to your name? Man, you niggas bummin’
‘Member tryna get kids to game, they ain’t listen to me


Oh well
It’s us

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No More Parties Freestyle Song Detail

Song: No More Parties Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics: Lil Yachty
Artist: Lil Yachty
Released On: March 22, 2021

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