Tanhaai Lyrics – Tulsi Kumar

Tanhaai Lyrics by Tulsi Kumar is the latest Hindi song with music given by Sachet Parampara. Tanhaai song lyrics are written by Sayeed Quadri and the video is directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli.

Tanhaai Lyrics
Tanhaai Lyrics

Song Credits

  • Song: Tanhaai Lyrics
  • Singer: Tulsi Kumar
  • Lyricist: Sayeed Quadri
  • Music: Sachet Parampara
  • Label: T-Series

Tanhaai Lyrics

Toota hai bohat yeh dil mera
Aansu hain badi tanhaai hai
Jab se teri baahon mein humein
Aane ki huyi manaahi hai

Kuchh yaadein jo teri baaki hain
Jo dil ko bohat sataati hain
Kaate se nahi kat’ta lamha
Kyun dedi tanhaai

Kuchh baatein jo teri baaki hain
Jo humko bohat rulati hain
Jeene ko nahi ab dil karta
Kyun dedi tanhaai

Woh hath jo kal tak hath mein tha
Ab chhune se katrata hai
Har lamha kal tak sath mein tha
Ab milne tak ni aata hai

Yeh soch ke neend na aati hai
Aur dil mein ek udaasi hai
Kyun toone kiya humko tanha
Kyun dedi yeh judayi

Hothon pe hansi na aati hai
Aakhein bhi namm ho jaati hain
Achcha hi nahi lagta jeena
Kyun dedi yeh judayi

Iss ishq mein tere hathon se
Yahi cheez humein mil paayi hai
Kyun dedi toone judayi hai
Kyun dedi tanhaai

Tanhaai hai humsafar
Tanhaai hai har dagar
Tanhaai hai har pehar
Tanhaai shaam-o-sehar

Tanhaai hai har taraf
Tanhaai hai had-e-nazar
Tanhaai hai arsh tak
Tanhaai hai ab farsh tak

Mere hisse mein hisse mein
Gham hi aaye hain
Tere hisse mein hisse mein khusiyan

Meri aakhon mein aakhon mein ashq aaye hai
Tere hothon pe hothon pe hasna

Toota hai bohat yeh dil mera
Aansu hain badi tanhaai hai
Jab se teri baahon mein humein
Aane ki huyi manaahi hai

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Tulsi Kumar: Tanhaai Video Song | Sachet-Parampara, Zain I, Bhushan Kumar | Hindi Romantic Song 2020
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